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This Bog is all about Gods will for those who know him. He says above all he wants us to prosper and be in health…spirit soul and body….Im going to cover alot of topics everything from A to Z “You name it I overcame it” Because of Jesus Im no longer vicitm He makes me victorious !! He is more than willing to do same for you no matter what your going thru…

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Let me tell you my story…just about this year 2014

My Fight Against Cancer

by Michael Saccardo


Chronological Order of Events


February 27, 2014


I was told that the 4 inch tumor on top of my head, that I had since 2001, had grown a lot quadrupled in size the last few years.  It was now malignant skin cancer and that it had spread to my face and my neck.


March 18, 2014


After CAT scan and MRI, I was told that I have a tumor the size of a peach under my left eye and a tumor the size of a walnut next to my left eye! I have had tumors all over my body, at least 12 and sometimes over 40 from the time I was 8 years old till I was 27 years old (1976-1989). In the past I had surgery to have them removed.


In the last 44 years the only tumors that became malignant were the ones just found in the CAT scan and MRI on and in my head, face and neck. The doctor now tells me that they just discovered thru many tests that I have a rare disease that causes the tumors to be cancerous, malignant and spreading! The MRI revealed that I have many tumors all over my brain and that they have spread from the 4 inch tumor on top of my head.


The cancer doctor rare disease specialist told me that if I did not have surgery right away, there was a considerable chance I would lose my eye and that I would not be alive after July 2014! However, the specialist who would be doing the surgery could not operate until my blood pressure came down considerably.


March 20, 2014


I was devastated when my cancer doctor told me that it looked like the cancer was spreading all over my face, neck and brain and they insisted that I needed to get lots of chemo and radiation! Tests showed that I was full of cancer above my neck. I had not had a CAT scan or MRI yet for what was going on below my neck. I was so full of fear and anxiety that I actually felt like I was trembling on the inside and I thought I was going to die!!!!!


I refused chemo and radiation and also prescription medicines to make my blood pressure go down. I knew at least 100 people,the last 30 years that were very healthy and took care of themselves, ate well and exercised but within 3 to 6 months after finding out they had cancer and getting chemo and radiation, they died!!!!!!! I figured I had a better chance to live without it!


I do believe in God’s will to heal me. Jesus through his death on the cross had redeemed me from the curse that includes cancer, tumors and rare diseases! I prayed constantly for God to make a way!





March 27, 2014


A few close friends prayed a lot for me.  All the time they would encourage me. One of these friends called me and told me about a friend of his, who wanted to help me. His name was Dan Sienkiewicz.


Dan told me how cancer feeds on sugar.  He told me to stop eating sugar, fruit and starch (which converts to glucose in the body). He explained that cancer is a fungus and that it’s main source of food is sugar!


He also told me that if I eat or drink stuff that makes my body acidic, that in this acidic environment cancer would have a perfect opportunity to grow! He taught me to use sodium bicarbonate to bring the pH of my body up. If the body becomes more alkaline the growth of tumors and cancer will be hindered.


Dan also told me about the Green Gold Nutrition Formula which he created to give the body all the essential nutrition it needs. It has vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, Omega 3 oils, amino acids, herbs, fruits, vegetables and a special Oriental mushroom blend formulated to specifically fight cancer. He also told me about the minerals cesium, rubidium, apricot kernels and potassium which many terminally ill cancer patients have taken with amazing results!  I cried like a baby! This was the answer to my prayer!!!!!


All I had gotten from my doctors the last 4 weeks was 8 bad reports and each new one was worse than the last! I was feeling hopeless……! Thank God for His Word and for friends who prayed for me and supported me! I don’t know what I would have done without them!


April 2, 2014


I went to the eye specialist and was told I needed surgery on the retina of my eye!  My eye was developing a hole that was almost penetrating all the way through the retina! I was told also that I had a tumor on my eye and lots of cancer cells covering my eye lids from top to bottom!


This is why I had such a bad case of what looked like conjunctivitis the last 4 weeks! It looked like a bad infection and when the sun was out I could not see!!!!!! It was the cancer that was spreading and it came from the tumor on top of my head!


April 12, 2014


I started to fast taking only the Green Gold Nutrition Formula and cesium, potassium, apricot kernels and iodine daily for 3 weeks.  I did a serious detox and fasted all sugar and starches. I also was testing my pH 3 times a day and I was taking sodium bicarbonate to alkalize my body and get my pH up. My pH was 3.5 the first day, which is extremely acidic. A week later it was 6.5, which is a whole lot better, the ideal pH being around 7.4.


I noticed a change in my body. The first few days I noticed that my body was eliminating cancer and other toxins.  It felt like I had a bad cold.  Dan explained it was the Herxheimer’s Effect. This is a medical condition caused by the sudden “die off” of toxic micro-organisms in our body.  He said it would probably last for a few days before the body was able to eliminate them. I was literally starving the cancer and killing it with cesium which acts like a natural chemotherapy treatment.


April 18, 2014


My brother came over. He had not seen me in weeks. Usually when he sees me the last few years, he tells me that I am going to die if I do not get the tumor on top of my head taken care of! After not eating sugar or starch and daily taking a dose of the Green Gold, cesium, apricot kernels and iodine  for just a week, my brother said after looking at me that he could tell that the tumor on my head was shrinking and getting better!


May 1, 2014


I went to my regular doctor. He weighed me and took my blood pressure. His findings were that since March 27, 2014 when I got on Dan’s program I had lost 26 pounds and my blood pressure had gone down from 187/140 to 163/103!!  I also saw the eye surgeon. He said the hole in my retina was 70 % better!  Furthermore he said the tumor was almost gone and the cancer on my eye lids was much better.  He was the one who going to operate on my eye to remove the tumor and fix the hole but today said that surgery was no longer needed!


May 16, 2014


I was scheduled to have surgery I left for hospital at 5am for the removal of a lump of skin cancer under each eye, a lump of skin cancer on my cheek and 2 lumps on my neck. 4 hours after pumping me full of blood pressure medication, they decided to cancel the operation. The reason was that I had bad allergies that I never had before.


When I got home I slept all day till 7 pm, because I had not slept all night! I had 3 of my friends check on me. One friend said that God obviously did not want me to have surgery, so He could heal me and not the doctor!


June 4, 2014


I went to my specialist, who is world famous for his expertise in rare diseases. He is the same doctor, who told me on March 18, that I must have surgery right away or I could lose my eye and might not be here by July. He examined me from head to toe. He showed me pictures of the tumors on my eye and skin from March 18. He said that I was looking great now compared to back then! He said that I DON’T need surgery anymore! He made this observation the moment he examined my eye and  skin!



August 8, 2014


Visit with the doctor.  He did an MRI which proved that the tumor on my head had shrunk half an inch since March!  He said that this kind of a tumor usually doubles in size and never shrinks!!! The MRI clearly shows the tumors are shrinking! Everyone who knows me and sees me says that they are amazed at how healthy I look! 



On March 27, 2014:  My pH was 3.5 – It is now around 7.2 consistently!


 My weight was 367 pounds –It is now 325!


 My blood pressure was 187/140 –It is now 163/90!




October 2014 got in bad car accident young man didn’t see me destroyed right side of my fathers car was in major pain in my left shoulder and arm for atleast 2 months could not do any exercise and did not sleep much. Ive read when you go thru lots of stress and don’t sleep enough you gain weight. Unfortunately I let myself default to previous time of cancer fight and went back to eating sugar and no exercise so I gained like 20 pounds but my tumor is still shrinking and other than pain in my arm and shoulder I feel and look great…I will give you update next year…



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